How could we fund the training of a future IoT workforce?

According to Electronics Weekly, the BBC and more than 25 organizations are teaming up with ARM to give a million tiny computing devices for coding to every UK child in year 7. “The companies involved in the design manufacture and distribution include: ARM, Barclays, Freescale, Microsoft, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung, Cisco, Code Club, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Open University, Python Software Foundation and element14 will design and manufacture the Micro Bit products.”

The ARM Connected Community is the largest industry ecosystem with over 1,000 partner companies. If you agree that we should be funding the training of a future workforce, then help us do research for partners with their own incentives for furthering the development of IoT skills that will enable technology for climate solutions. Leave your comments here and explore how you can Act Now to help. Perhaps you can even expand your own career or business in the process!

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